Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Specter in the Closet

Arlen Specter has come out of the closet – partially. He has gone over to the Democrats because… because…

Well, no one short of his conscience – the conscience of a moderate – knows why.

But here’s a wholesome guess: Arlen is getting along in years; the power vector has shifted from Republicans to Democrats, which means Republican congressmen can not expect in a government controlled by Democrats to wield any influence as party chairmen.

But Arlen can – if he switches parties and wins.

One expects Democrats to be appreciative and buy the guy off with a chairmanship of something or other.

Better to go out as a traitorous influential dog than a clawless, toothless upright lion.


Dave Moelling said...

Is there something in the DC water that inhibits dignity?

I think a course in retirement planning should be mandatory for Senators. A gracious transition to elder statesman status, fishing or something different is a thing to be desired.

Arlen has no great cause he champions, no local interest in PA he protects, just him.

Don Pesci said...

It's all about Specter, isn't it?