Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Specter in the Closet Jumps out, Spooks Democrats

Former pugilist Sen. Harry Reid has reached a private arrangement with defecting former Republican Sen. Arlen Specter that would allow the Specter to retain his seniority, and this has got true-blue Democrats in the senate who have been patiently waiting their turn at the chairmanship trough in a snit, according to a story in The Hill.

“Reid told reporters Tuesday that Specter, who plans to change his party registration to Democrat in May, would not bump any Democrats from plum committee posts this year or next year. But Reid said Specter could invoke what would be three decades of seniority at the start of the 112th Congress.

“’Of course in a year and a half, at the start of every Congress, it’s a new game and Sen. Specter has seniority over a number of people on committees he wants to serve on,’ Reid said.”
An unnamed “senior laymaker” curtly told the Hill, “That’s his deal and not the caucus’s.

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