Sunday, April 05, 2009



Greg said...

Don, great video. That TED thing is pretty interesting. Never heard of "peripeteia" till today. I was intrigued and looked it up for further research. As you can see, I found it spelled as above. g

Don Pesci said...


You're right about the spelling. I dropped the "e", but now it is restored. Maybe we should have a peripeteia contest.

Don Pesci said...

I’ll go first.

Guy sidles up to another guy at a bar.

“Ya’know,” he says, “all lawyers are ass holes!”

“Wait a minute,” says his barmate, “I resent that!”

“Sorry bud, didn’t know you were a lawyer.”

Barmate, protesting hotly – “I’m NOT a lawyer… I’m an asshole.

Peripeteia moment – The day I realized I was an asshole.

Don Pesci said...

It occurs to me: This could easily turn into a confessional.