Sunday, April 19, 2009

Ortega Chides Obama, Hillary Dances

At the Latin American Summit in Trinidad, President of Nicaragua Daniel Ortega, no longer the gun toting communist dictator who moved Indian tribes around throughout his country as if they were pieces on a chess board, did what hard-boiled anti-American revolutionary pimps do best: He unfurled a fifty minute stem winder accusing the United States of everything but successfully overthrowing the Cuban dictatorship of the Castro brothers.

Ortega was determined not to let the usual crisis in Latin America go to waste and, despite warm overtures from the American president, he was in no mood to re-write his harangue.

It has been reported that President Barack Obama sat placidly through the discourse, occasionally taking notes.

Confronted later during a photo opportunity with Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper and asked what he thought of the speech, “Obama said, “"It was 50 minutes long. That's what I thought."

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, asked twice to comment on the speech, danced around the question. Said the Secretary of State, “I thought the cultural performance was fascinating… To have those first class Caribbean entertainers on all on one stage and to see how much was done in such a small amount of space, I was overwhelmed."

The wife of former President Bill Clinton is not easily overwhelmed, though in the past she has been known to dance away from nagging questioners.

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