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Connecticut’s 2022 Election And The Trump Thing

Trump The Trump Thing is a campaign ploy that may be, as the 2022 election year unfolds, utilized by Democrats here in Connecticut as a distraction and a unifying trumpet blast. The ploy served the Democrat Party well during one of Connecticut’s off-year presidential elections when Trump was not on the ballot and Democrats, by deploying the ploy at every opportunity, managed to wrest legislative seats from largely unoffending Republican office holders who were not in sync with Trump’s deplorable manners or his bristly and egocentric nature. Hardly any Republican office holders in the state bothered to defend themselves at the time from charges, overt or implied, that they were in league with the besieged Trump because they had failed to denounce convincingly the titular head of their own National Republican Party. Most instate Republicans appreciated Trump’s Supreme Court choices, his successful efforts to stem the rising tide of illegal immigration at the Mexican border, his suc
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Tax Cuts, Tax Credits And Public Virtue

As the New Year’s Eve midnight clock passed 12:00, Connecticut and the nation entered election year 2022. How does one know one has entered an election year? “With [Governor Ned] Lamont and the entire legislature up for reelection in November,” a Hartford paper tells us, “the race is on to see which taxes may be cut this year.” Voters tend to respond favorably to tax cuts. The title of the story emblazoned on the paper’s front page read, “ State legislators weighing tax cuts .” “Weighing” is the operative word. Then too, there are important differences between tax cuts and tax credits. A practical discussion implies legislative cordiality and bipartisan agreement. None of the discussions have yet been written in stone. House Republican leader Vincent Candelora warned that the Republican plan may not be embraced by “liberal Democrats.” However, the very presence of an upcoming election, he noted, “does change people’s behavior.” Candelora and the Republicans, at this early stage i

The Two Connecticut’s

Every so often a random piece in Quora , a site devoted to answering questions, will hit the eyeball like a hockey puck. Such is Patrick Reading’s short piece, “ Why do New Englanders dislike Connecticut and feel it's not part of New England ?” Those of us who live east of the Connecticut River will appreciate his discussion and his tone, a blend of sturdy New England cynicism mixed with melted, buttery humor – very New England. Reading’s working premise is that those with fortunes enough to live west of the river are imprinted with few characteristics normally associated with New England. “East of the River,” he writes, “is classic New England. It's blue collar working class people, who root for the Patriots and the Red Sox, the Bruins and the Celtics. It's quiet old mill towns that saw better days a hundred years ago, and are still grinding along. It's rustic, with greasy old garages, motor heads with 3 cars in the front yard, corn and cow farms, and forests wit

2022 Happy New Year

New York 2022 A New Year’s wish is the secular equivalent of a prayer. There are however differences between the two. You pray to a deity you hopefully suppose may grant your prayer. But there is no Wizard of Oz behind the curtain of a New Year’s wish. Unlike a curse, forbidden according to Holy Writ, but much in evidence in our age of religious unbelief and anti-clericalism, a New Year’s wish is completely harmless, because it lacks a devil, a god or a congressman to enforce it. With that in mind, here are a few harmless New Year’s wishes: That Dr. Anthony Fauci , drawn to television cameras as moths are to flames, would just go away and leave the airways free of “science” hawkers peddling political programs. That Boards of Education in Connecticut would be just a touch more receptive to the people who elect members of the board to office. The principle of representation, which always involves gobs of modesty, requires an attentive ear to the general public, and this usually me

Biden Snuffs Document Grab by Congressional Investigating Committee

Biden With a wink and that sly smile for which he is known, President Joe Biden snuffed a document grab by the Democrat controlled Congressional Committee investigating the so called “insurrection” at the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2020, as reported by the South China Morning Post . According to a recent Associated Press  (AP) story, carried by a Hartford Paper on page 4 in its World and Nation section, “A federal appeals court ruled this month [December] against [former President Donald] Trump, and he [Trump] has filed an appeal to the Supreme Court, though the high court has yet to decide whether to take up the case. “Judge Patricia Millett, writing for the court in the Dec. 9 opinion, said Congress had a ‘uniquely vital interest’ in studying the events of Jan. 6 and Biden had made a ‘carefully reasoned’ determination that the documents were in the public interest and that executive privilege should therefore not be invoked. Trump also failed to show any harm that would occur fro

For Auld Lang Syne

Burns The New Year, I pointed out to an acquaintance, has GOT to be better than the old year in sad, old New England. His left eyebrow shot up, a near certain sign that I had crossed some forbidden threshold into absurdity. “Why?” he asked. “Because the future is built upon the past and generally has been an improvement,” I answered. “My great grandfather had the use of an outhouse, bitterly cold in the winter. But I have modern plumbing, television, Facebook, Twitter, all the modern conveniences, in addition to an all Democrat U.S. Congressional Delegation, a Democrat dominated General Assembly, a Democrat governor – who has become, with the blessings of the General Assembly, an autocrat far more powerful than the Borgias of the Florentine Republic -- all of which seems not to have alarmed Connecticut’s vigilant left of center media. Surely, if we were headed to the poor house, they would tell us so.” The eyebrow spired up again, like the tower of a gothic cathedral. “Your son

Connecticut’s One Party State and the Democrat Party’s Many Mansions

Manchin The shakers and movers in the national Democrat Party, chiefly speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi of California and Democrat leader in the U.S. Senate Chuck Schumer of New York, knew months before a Congressional vote on President Joe Biden’s “Build Back Better” spending extravaganza that they did not have sufficient members in the Senate to pass the measure, which, not incidentally, would have worsened a growing national debt approaching $30 trillion and stoked the fires of a now raging inflation. Their surprise at the vote is not only surprising; it is a shameless imposture gussied up as a surprise. The Biden-Pelosi-Schumer Build Back Better plan -- indecently swollen with new spending the cost of which will be passed on to their children and grandchildren, this at a time when much of the nation is still lying prostrate under the boots of COVID-related business shutdowns -- was effectively killed, for the time being, by two moderate Democrats, U.S. Se