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George Logan’s And The Biden, Harris, Hayes Nexus

Logan George Logan, who lost a campaign against present 5th District U.S. Representative Jahana Hayes in 2018 by a slender 1% of the vote, is once again challenging Hayes. Republicans, who have not won a seat in the present all-Democrat U.S. Congressional Delegation since former U.S. Representative Chris Shays surrendered his seat to Jim Himes in the 2008 election, are hopeful that Logan may be able this November to snatch the seat from Hayes’ tightly clenched jaws. The Democrat Party appears to be somewhat in disarray. President Joe Biden, after much pressure had been applied to him by leaders in the Democrat Party, recently announced he was shelving his presidential campaign. Supporters of President Biden, judged by leading Democrats unfit to run for a second term in office, have been discreetly silent on a series of important questions. If Biden is not fit to run for a second term as president – not, it has been supposed, because of his advanced age, but rather because of evid
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The Democrat Party Elite Insurrection

The elites, Political Insider “ Where have you gone Joe DiMaggio? A nation turns its grateful eyes to you …” -- from Simon & Garfunkel’s classic song “Mrs. Robinson.” Now, that was an insurrection, this one spearheaded by what President Joe Biden labeled Democrat Party elites. The overused word “insurrection” comes to us from the Old French “insurreccion” or more directly from Late Latin “insurrectionem,” meaning “a rising up.” Only a few days before he threw in the sponge on his reelection prospects, Biden insisted, not without reason, that he would not withdraw from the race and that his candidacy for the presidency had been authorized by Democrat Party primary voters. More than 14 million Democrats cast their votes for Biden in the Democrat Party primary. No one had voted for the “party elites” clamoring for his withdrawal from the presidential race. The elites proceeded cautiously. Some leading Democrats – among them U.S. Senator from New York Chuck Schumer and former

Abortion vs Inflation in Connecticut

By a continuing process of inflation, government can confiscate, secretly and unobserved, an important part of the wealth of their citizens -- John Maynard Keynes In the coming political battle between Democrats and Republicans in Connecticut, Democrats will be laying stress on abortion rights, while Republicans will be pointing to the ravages inflation has imposed on the voting public in Connecticut. The political posture of Connecticut Democrats on abortion rights may be described, ironically, as brazenly libertarian. Broadly speaking, libertarians favor minimal governmental intervention, especially when the intervention aborts the liberties of the person. Broadly speaking, neo-progressives in Connecticut favor the intervention of government in the ordinary lives of citizens, especially when liberties contravene the public good as understood by neo-progressives. It is extremely unusual to find neo-progressives anywhere arguing that the purchase of a gas oven should be a matter

Events Overthrow Political Certainties

Trump, Vance, globalastronaut Events have a way of vetoing certainties. “The best laid schemes o' Mice an' Men,” Robert Burns tells us, “Gang aft agley. An' lea'e us nought but grief an' pain, For promis'd joy!” Or to put it in the modern idiom, the vicissitudes of life – what the Romans called the goddess Fortuna – can be a bummer. In a front page, above the fold story – “State Republicans laud Vance” -- Hartford Courant reporter Chris Keating managed to include some anti-lauds from prominent Democrats: “In a fundraising email, President Joe Biden asked ‘How does a guy [the Republican nominating convention’s choice for vice president, JD Vance] who used to say that Donald Trump and his policies were “reprehensible” become Donald Trump‘s running mate?’” Biden, of course, should know the answer to his own question because, during his primary campaign for president, he chose as his vice presidential running mate Kamala Harris, who had sharply criticized B

Trump Under Fire and the Cannon Decision

Cannon, Smith, Getty Images Before he was shot at a campaign rally in Pennsylvania that preceded the opening of the Republican National Convention in Milwaukee, former President Donald Trump had been for years under unremitting attack from his political enemies. Some usually over-cautious news reports referred to the most recent attack on Trump as an “attempted assassination.” But there were some pedants . First reports tended to avoid the term “attempted assassination,” settling on the term “alleged assassination attempt.” This level of prudence was unnecessary, as unfolding events made plain. The assassination attempt failed – sort of. The victim, Trump, was left with a torn ear, and many commentators noted that, by the grace of God, Trump survived. As the shot was fired from a commanding height about 130 yards distant from the rally podium, Trump had turned his head slightly, spoiling the mark of the disappointed and, later, dead assassin. Trump was well protected at the podiu

Reading the Democrat Party Tealeaves

Obama, Biden and Hunter -- Vanity Fair As studious observers of Democrat Party politics should know by now, President Joe Biden’s hold on his party has become somewhat iffy, largely for the following reasons: 1) Biden for two full years, perhaps longer, has been stricken with some unnamed malady that leaves him confused and unable to focus mentally on important political issues. One neurologist has said the president may be suffering from vascular dementia related in some fashion to Biden’s brain aneurisms; 2) the wooden stake that was supposed to have dispatched former Republican President Donald Trump, a series of constitutionally dubious charges filed in numerous state courts, has failed, according to most polls, to slay the vampire; 3) given its past close scrutiny of Trump, what has been called the mainstream media has now more or less been forced to focus on Biden’s fragilities; and 4) the Biden administration, leaning far to the left, has failed on both domestic and foreign pol

Chum in the Water

Biden and Obama, PHOTO, SHAWN THEW, SHUTTERSTOCK   Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we've been waiting for – Barack Obama campaign speech, 2008 Unable to make a difficult and effective decision concerning President Joe Biden’s future in the Democrat Party – is he in or out as a presidential contender? -- time quickly is running out for Democrats who hope to shape the future of their party. It’s pretty obvious at this point in the 2024 campaign for the presidency and so called downstream political offices that Democrats across the board intend to make former President Donald Trump a pivot point in their state and national campaigns. We know this because Democrats, including the seven members of Connecticut’s All-Democrat U.S. Congressional Delegation, have told us so in countless media availabilities and press interviews. Some Republicans have said that Democrats are clinging to this campaign strategy so fiercely becau