Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Skully Communications For Harp

Like wealthy one per-centers who spend part of the season in foreign parts, Mr. Scully's home is with Scully Communications.  During the political season, some punitively nonpartisan owners of public relation firms wander into political campaigns, at which point the mask of political impartiality is momentarily discarded.

“Asked about fund-raising and if the campaign was going to try to get more local contributors - something Elicker [Mrs. Harp’s sole remaining primary opponent] had the most success with - campaign spokesman Patrick Scully said they weren’t going to let Elicker ‘dictate’ their fund-raising strategy.

“’We’re going to raise money the best way we can, not restricted to one way or the other,’ he said. Scully said to suggest that Harp will owe something to contributors, that has never happened in her long political career.

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