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Malloy, Cuomo, No Mussolinis

S’matter with the governors of New York and Connecticut? Even Benito Mussolini was able to make the trains run on time.

Neil Vigdor of the Greenwich Times reports:

 They [Malloy and the Malloyalists] were told it could take until Oct. 14 to restore full power to the nation's busiest commuter line, which was crippled Wednesday when a backup feeder line supplying electricity to overhead catenary wires failed in Mt. Vernon, N.Y. The railroad is currently in the process of modernizing a substation that normally supplies trains with power…

In an interview with Hearst Connecticut Newspapers, Redeker [James Redeker, Connecticut's transportation commissioner] said he was still unclear on what caused the failure of the feeder line. The railroad and Con Edison are still in the process of assessing the damage to their infrastructure, he said.

The problem likely will be traced to a lack of routine maintenance. But neither Governor of New York Andrew Cuomo nor  Governor of Connecticut Dannel Malloy are maintenance governors, as witness the condition of many of Connecticut’s bridges. Both governors are large and imposing VISIONARIES. Mr. Malloy in particular is more interested in re-inventing his state than attending to crumbling bridges or enlisting the help of the pariah Republican Party in constructing budgets that cut spending and avoid the largest tax increase in Connecticut’s history.    


dmoelling said…
My understanding is the main feeder was being upgraded to work with new trains that recovered energy while braking. Con Ed and Metro north said the spare feeder was tested, but I suspect it was overloaded. This says bad things about not only Metro north maintenance but operational planning as well. Again your point on nuts and bolts not being an emphasis is right on the money.

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