Saturday, September 07, 2013

Dear Dan Letter From Stamford’s Democratic Party Chairman

It’s slap back time in Stamford. Following Governor Dannel Malloy’s endorsement of William Tong as Stamford’s next mayor, the Chairman of the Democratic Party in Stamford took up cudgels in the city’s press.

Party Chairman John Mallozzi, speaking on behalf of the Democratic City Committee that had voted overwhelmingly to endorse David Martin as mayor in the upcoming elections, wrote in a letter to the Stamford Advocate on Friday:

“Gov. Dan Malloy has a lot of clout in Hartford and around the state. While there are undoubtedly times he uses that clout to good use, his attempt to use that clout to influence Stamford Democrats into voting for William Tong is not one of them.

“Before July 17, the DCC nomination day, it was clear to me, as Stamford Democratic Party Chair, that in order to make the best decision possible on our mayoral nominee, our members would need the opportunity to speak to, hear from, and learn about each candidate. We began a long and intensive, but completely open process including a preliminary "straw poll," presentations by each candidate to our membership and Screening Committee, and a moderated candidates' forum, with questions asked by our members. All deliberations, except for the forum, were completely open to the public and the media and held without outside influence.

“William Tong participated in this process. When he did not win the nomination, he turned to the governor who staged a fake bill signing, held press conferences and allowed his picture to be put on a $30,000 Tong publicity campaign. All of this was done by the governor to solicit votes from Stamford Democrats so that he can repay Tong back for years of rubber stamping his Hartford agenda.

“The Democratic City Committee nominated David Martin for his proven track record in Stamford government and business. David Martin has never been, and will never be, anyone's rubber stamp. As a long-time member and president of the Board of Representatives and now as a member of the Board of Finance, he will learn what there is to be learned on every issue, listen to input from Stamford citizens and make principled, honest decisions.

“He will not be motivated by what's good for his own career. He will not be motivated by what's good for someone else's career. He will be motivated only by what he is convinced will be good and right for Stamford.”

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