Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Powell On The Malloy Budget

In a brilliant column -- "Is there any future in Connecticut outside of government?" -- managing editor of the Journal Inquirer Chris Powell explores the parallels between 1991, the year in which Governor Lowell Weicker inaugurated his income tax, and 2011, the year of the Vozhd:

“Democratic leaders say voters soon will forgive the tax increases and be glad of state government’s restored solvency. Maybe or maybe not. While the first election after the legislative session of 1991, the session that enacted the state income tax, a session closely analogous to the session just concluded, returned a General Assembly with exactly the same Democratic majority as the one that enacted the income tax, the governor who insisted on the tax, Lowell P. Weicker Jr., was so unpopular that he decided against re-election in 1994 and even left the state for a while.”

Mr. Powell’s column (hit link above) is well worth reading in full.

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