Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Unions Call Malloy’s Bluff

State worker unions in Connecticut are able to vote on budgets; taxpayers are not, perhaps the best argument in favor of a state budget referendum.

Multiple sources are reporting that the adoption by state unions of Governor Dannel Malloy’s Plan A is failing. Many critics in the state – including the Yankee Institute, union negotiator Larry Dorman’s least favorite conservative outlet -- considered Plan A favorable deal for the unions. AFSME, one of the largest unions in the state has turned a thumbs down to Plan A, and it is said that prison union workers are prepared to vote “No” on the package.


Anonymous said...

State workers are taxpayers. We aren't all of them, but we do pay taxes.

Anonymous said...

Did you expect a different outcome? There will be no layoffs. The busway will become history (savings) and
the revenue from tax collections will exceed projections.

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