Monday, June 13, 2011

The Enduring Palin

Former Governor of Alaska Sarah Palin, as everyone knows by now, is a lightning rod for progressive dissatisfaction. At some point during her campaign for the Vice Presidency on the Republican ticket, one of her more enterprising critics produced a tea shirt emblazoned on the front with a misogynistic, not to say rude, message: “Sarah Palin Is a c**t.” Some were dissapointed when the tea shirt was not roundly denounced by Mrs. Palin’s usual critics, many of whom were graduates with advanced degrees from the feminist school of politics.

There is no sign of a let-up of Palinphobia among her more respectable critics. A Freedom of Information request having been submitted more than a year ago for the release of e-mails written by Governor Palin, the Washington the Post on Sunday morning offered to its on line readers “a full searchable text… [of] Sarah Palin's e-mails from her time as governor of Alaska from 2006-2008.”

For the politically prurient, here is a partial list of topics:

• In e-mails, hostility toward Big Oil
• Palin had third e-mail account
• In e-mails, a guarded go-getter
• Palin e-mails: No mention to staff of going into labor with Trig
• Palin e-mail release inspires media frenzy
• Palin directed state funds to failing creamery
• Racial concerns raised in Palin e-mails
• Sarah Palin e-mails show constant concern
• Sarah Palin faced Trig rumors from start
• Early interest in vice presidential slot ...

The paper has invited readers to communicate their impressions of the e-mails with Post editors. Reporters at the Washington Post and readers who take the time to peruse the 13,000 e-mails are looking for…? Well… they are looking for dirt -- and that final torpedo that will sink Mrs. Palin’s political career forever.

So far, they haven’t found it, according to Chris Cillizza , a post reporter.

But should the Post or some other rabid anti-Palin news source, perhaps a bilious blogger, find something sinkable in the rest of the e-mails – a text dump of some 24,000 pages – Mrs. Palin might consider offering the Charlie Rangel defense, used by the censured New York congressman of his besieged Democratic colleague, U.S. Rep. Anthony Weiner. However offensive his behavior, Mr. Rangel said, Mr. Weiner “wasn't going with prostitutes. He wasn't going out with little boys." Neither, to judge from the e-mails released by the Washington Post, was Mrs. Palin.

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