Saturday, June 18, 2011

On The Road Again

The Hartford Courant editorial board gave full warning on Saturday that Governor Dannel Malloy, the Elmer Gantry of progressives, will be on the road again, this time pitching his vision of a progressive utopia to Connecticut’s vanishing business community.

The Courant editorial board seems enthusiastic:

“There isn't a more important or timely subject, considering Connecticut's glacial job-growth performance and the state's tattered, business-unfriendly reputation. At this point, following a legislative session whose results were cheered on by liberals and hissed at by many business interests, the governor and his economic development czar could stand to hang around with a few business people.”
The key to the trip is provided by unnamed “members of Mr. Malloy’s staff”:

“This will not be as structured an enterprise as the post-election ‘town hall’ listening tour taken by Mr. Malloy. The purpose, says his staff, is to "road test" his own ideas and to gather business leaders' in preparation for a special legislative session on job creation to be held, probably, in September.”
Will Mr. Malloy and his troupe be able to convince businessmen, not to mention gullible editorial writers, that jobs can be created by boosting regulations and taxes? Is doubling a business tax surcharge that was to have elapsed one of the rungs on Mr. Malloy's latter to Heaven?  Are there businessmen in the state who will fall for Mr. Malloy’s old time religion?

Are suckers born every minute?

It hardly matters. The whole point of the show is not to convince but to “road test” Mr. Malloy’s job producing ideas. People are little more sounding boards. The old time religion marches on.

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