Sunday, January 10, 2010

Should Greenwich Be Given Back To The Indians?

The Greenwich Time raises the question, sort of: Should we give Greenwich back to the Indians?

“If Hartford is the seat of Connecticut politics, Greenwich may just well be the throne.

“Home to Richard Blumenthal, Linda McMahon, Ned Lamont, Tom Foley and Jim Himes, the town of 61,101 known for bankrolling candidates is buying domestic in 2010.”

And then too, rising above all these midgets (see below), is the eminence of Lowell Weicker, who springboarded into state politics from Greenwich. Weicker is the father of Connecticut’s income tax. Connecticut’s legislature, controlled by Democrats, will not be kind to Greenwich as the state works its way through a mini depression towards insolvency. The spendthrift Democrats plan to dun the millionaires clustered in Greenwich and elsewhere in golden pockets across the state. Weicker, after he had saddled the state with his income tax, quickly moved out the range of fire – to fair Virginia.

But now he's back.

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