Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Rennie Uncourtly?

Kevin Rennie, an elegant writer who maintains a column in the Hartford Courant, said of the estimable Rep. Rosa DeLauro that the lady “will not forget the cost of Lieberman's demands."

The congresslady was upset at former Democratic senator Joe Lieberman -- who now styles himself an Independent Democrat after having been ritualistically tossed out of his party by progressive Democratic sans culottes -- for having stood in the doorway of President Barack Obama's preferred  health care initiative yelling "Stop!"

DeLauro, Rennie wrote, "sounded, there's no way to say this nicely, like a ranting loon when she said Lieberman should be recalled from office for pressing his demands. There are no provisions for a recall, but DeLauro is only in her 10th term in Congress, so how can she be expected to know of such things?”

Some may think the sentiment uncourtly but true; others may think it simply true.

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