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The Democrat’s Blue Ribbon Save Me’Arse Commission

The Harford Courant has gagged, editorially speaking, on a Democratic proposal to manfully discharge ever growing state deficits by – Who would have guessed? – assembling a blue ribbon commission to suggest ways the state may crawl out of the deficit hole fashioned by legislative leaders Speaker of the House Chris Dovovan and President Pro Tem of the Senate Don Williams.

The difficulty, according to the Courant, appears to lie in the composition of the commission:

“For one thing, the commission has 45 Democratic legislators and no Republicans, a needless and counterproductive exercise in partisanship that GOP leaders have rightly criticized.”

As a matter of policy, the commission will increase from 2, the legislative “leaders” named above, to 45 the number of people who will decide to do little or nothing in the way of cutting state spending; but the partisan Democratic commission will provide cover, about the width of a blue ribbon, to soften the boot in the bottom Dovovan and Williams so richly deserve from voters whose pockets are empty.


Truth said…
It's like being in the Twilight Zone. As registered Dem (which is getting harder to stomach as the days go by) when I received the self-serving email from these weasels (Donovan) regarding this plan- before I relaized it, I replied telling him "he was full of sh*t", but not as politely as written here...
mccommas said…
It is just as well that no Republicans are on it. The Regionalism thing isn't worth their time anyway.

The problem with the whole concept is that towns will always act in their own best interests just as individuals do. They are not going to "work together" just for the sake of getting along.

Its a cute idea in theory, but I don't think it really can work in most cases.

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