Sunday, October 04, 2009

Zombies Eat Michael Moore, Rennie Scalps Moody, Lamont Resurrected

Good news for U.S. Sen. Chris Dodd, who takes some lumps in the New Michael Moore propaganda film “Capitalism: A Love Story.”

Zombieland, a film staring Woody Harrelson – "box office poison" according to this reviewer – has soared to the number 1 box office position this week, leaving Moore’s film eating dust.

“The pic's buzz was surprisingly good with even critics embracing first-time director Ruben Fleischer. That translated into a CinemaScore of "A-" -- "A" for males, "A-" for females, "A" for everybody under 35. It's Sony's 6th #1 movie of the year.”

In capitalist America, as everyone who has viewed Moore’s previous agiprop films well knows, it’s all about money and competition. On it’s opening weekend, Capitalism pulled in a paltry $5M.

“…(Moore’s) Fahrenheit 9/11 did $23.9M its opening weekend from 868 venues.) So, as much as the left loves Moore, and the right detests him, and he always uses the ensuing controversy to self-promote, the money angle is only what interests me. The fact is that Capitalism: A Love Story looks like its domestic total will fail to crack $20M and end up his worst performing film since his Oscar-winner Bowling For Columbine in 2002."

Is There Life After Lieberman?

Some people, among them columnist and talk show host Colin McEnroe, are attempting to blow some hot air into the Ned Lamont dirigible.

Lamont, it will be remembered, was the heart throb of Connecticut’s far left when he challenged then Democratic Sen. Joe Lieberman in a primary and won. Successfully defending his senate seat, Lieberman ran as an independent in the general election and won. He then endorsed John McCain over Barack Obama in the presidential election and lived to tell the tale.

After the bout, Lamont drifted off to NoWhereVille. McEnroe now has discovered a use for him.

Lamont has been launching tantalizing salvoes against Gov. Jodi Rell on his blog. Might not these slings and arrows indicate that Lamont is interested in running against the governor, McEnroe asks?

His answer is tantalizingly diffuse.

“I think the rumor,” which McEnroe is retailing on his own blog, possibly as a political feeler directed towards Lowell Weicker and Tom D’Amore, “is premature. Lamont has made a transition from somewhat interested to very interested, but he can afford to wait a while longer, especially if the incumbent governor is going to make clear her intention in November.”

During the Lamont-Lieberman set-to, McEnroe a couple of times invited Weicker on his program to bloviate about Lamont and Weicker’s old nemeses Lieberman.

“Lamont 2010,”McEnrore wrote, “would be a lot different from Lamont 2006. He can no longer completely count on the people in the party who were his fervent supporters four years ago. Some of those people are going to support Bysiewicz and/or Malloy in this race. My guess is that Lamont himself would also drift away from the left and try to stake out more of a center-left pro-business no-new-taxes position. Even the act of self-funding -- a dire necessity in 2006 for him to have any chance jumping in late against Lieberman -- would be a harder pill to swallow for the pro-campaign-finance reform progressives who were his shock troops in 2006.”

Rennie Calls For Moody’s Scalp

Over at the Hartford Courant, columnist Kevin Rennie is calling open the shakers and movers of the Republican Party to give Rell aide Lisa Moody the heave ho.

In the process, Rennie, understandably frantic, threw a hatchet at Republican senatorial hopeful Sam Caligiuri: “State Sen. Sam Caligiuri could deploy his creepy piety in the service of something worthy.”

Apparently, Rennie likes his piety straight up.


hire said...

I am little bit confused is it really a love story..???????????

Don Pesci said...


No.The title is a spoof. Moore is a socialist at heart, but capitalism signs his checks and has made possible the riches he enjoys.

hire said...

Thanks,.. Don Pesci
and i am satisfied...and here is no confusion..

london said...

Amazing .....i like it..last month i saw it with my loving one husband....but he didn't like these movie but i enjoyed it...

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