Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Courant And The Rumor Mill

The Hartford Courant’s chief political writer, Christopher Keating, has swatted down some rumors circulating at the state capitol.

The first is that Gov. Jodi Rell might hang up her spurs and decline to run again.

No such luck. The governor has not yet make an announcement. Keating reported that Republican Party State Chairman Chris Healy believes “that Rell is running for re-election.”

The second rumor is that her chief aide, Lisa Moody, may be of a mind to retire.

Moody has taken some buffeting lately from Courant reporters and Democratic rumor mongers in the legislature.

Said Moody, “Not true. Nothing's wrong with me. No disability. I'm not retiring on November 1. My knees are fine. I'm fine. I'm not going anywhere, but thanks for checking.”

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