Friday, October 09, 2009

Obama’s Nobel

Even Bob Schiffer supposed that President Barack Obama was graced with the Nobel Peace prize because the Nobel committee was intent on firing yet one more round over President George Bush’s moribund  presidency.

It’s a little bit like watching one deaf man shouting in the ear horn of another deaf Man, “Bad Bush! Bad,bad Bush!”

Over at Dean’s World, a blog dedicated to sweet reason, Dave Price noted:

“They just ended a civil war and brought freedom to a horribly oppressed nation.

“You know, useful stuff that involves severe personal risk of death or injury. No one cares about that.

“The Marines were sent to tame Anbar in 2004. They were the “strongest tribe,” and along with American soldiers, sailors and airmen they were locked in grim urban fighting in cities like Ramadi and Fallujah. The toll was high: Over 30 percent of American war fatalities have been sustained in Anbar Province.

“Today, visitors to Ramadi are struck by the normalcy of the place. Markets are full, the police are on the beat, and the government center is a busy office building.

“Semper fi, boys. Norway isn’t fit to lick your boots.”
Nominations on the prize closed, it should be remembered, 10 days after Obama’s inauguration, which was just about enough time for Obama to have decided where to put the couch in the White House.

Never have so few given so little for so much.

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