Friday, October 16, 2009

Body Slamming Corpses

Recently at a public gathering that included former President George Bush Pere, President Barack Obama The Apologist, attempting to defuse his critics, once again intimated that the mess he was frantically trying to “mop up” was caused by his predecessor, President George Bush Fils; and he invited people who were interested in making the world over into an acceptable Eden – as he most certainly is –to “grab a mop.”

It is not known whether former President George Bush Pere smiled or grimaced at the imputation that his son was responsible for messes that some think were considerably worsened by the policies of the 9 month old Obama administration. No off camera mic episode was reported.

Unemployment is lurching toward 11%. A public option for health care reform – a move, some think, to destroy the private health insurance industry, still strong here in Connecticut – is stalled in a congress dominated by Democrats. North Korea has sent several missiles into the North China Sea, a response to non-belligerent overtures made recently by the Obama administration. Iran continues to develop nuclear facilities, despite attempts made by Obama’s persuasive Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to sooth the savage beast by immersing it sweet verbiage. And Russia is Russia. And France is France.

This attempt to shift the burdens of Obama’s office on to his predecessor did not sit well with some of his critics, who are fast multiplying.

Charles Krauthammer -- whose columns, a like a good German beer, should be taken in large drafts to be appreciated – thinks the president is wandering aimlessly through the thickets of foreign and domestic policy.

Gays are upset that Obama has not yet slain the dragon of homophobia; they have grown weary waiting for the president to ditch the “don’t ask, don’t tell” military policy of the last century.

Obama will be stumping for a crippled Connecticut Senator Chris Dodd soon in Stamford.The fundraising dinner at the Stamford Hilton Hotel, will cost $1,000 per person. At some point the Dodd campaign will tap Greenwich, where campaign money flows like water from the spouts of millionaires and billionaires whose bonuses Obama is trying valiantly to clip.

One expects Dodd, sometime during the campaign war chest enhancement event in Stamford to lean over the president’s shoulder, mop in hand, and whisper in his ear that in Connecticut gays are free to marry; why should they not be free to serve patriotically in the military without being encumbered by a “don’t ask, don’t tell policy” concocted during the administration of former president Bill Clinton who, apparently, knew little about the birds and the bees?

The French are upset because Obama has hinted in European speeches that Europe’s finest may have to shed some blood, sweat and tears in the cause of liberte, egalite and fraternite. French President Nicolas Sarkozy, married to the ravishing Carla Bruni, has bluntly thrown down the gauntlet: No more French soldiers will be sent to die in Afghanistan, Obama’s war of necessity, a disappointing setback.

The economy remains un-stimulated after Obama’s efforts at mouth to mouth resuscitation. And some Greenwich millionaires, though not Ned Lamont, are beginning to grumble. The golden goose is gagging. The dollar itself is gasping.

Moreover, Main Street, awaiting destruction from the coming era of rampant inflation, is disappointed as well. Tea parties, studiously ignored by incumbent Democrats, are springing up from sea to shining sea like poisoned mushrooms.

The Russians are upset, but they are usually full of bile anyway. The friends of freedom and democracy in the Baltic States and Poland -- whose citizens are not unfamiliar with liberte, egalite and fraternite – are beginning to wonder aloud at the savoir faire of the new president. He reset the nuclear missile defense button in Poland and Czechoslovakia, and what did he get in return from the growling bear?

Zip -- that’s what. The Russians still feel sanctions against Iran, whose fraudulent and bloody election Obama has pretended to ignore for the sake of fraternite, are ill advised. Sarkozy appears to agree with the heirs of Stalin, the creators of the Gulag and, in the 21st century now upon us, the only real politic superpower – if one is willing to forget China and Hugo Chavez’s Venezuela.

All this cannot be reassuring to those who wish the Obama administration God speed.


pete said...

Connecticut Unemployment Trends - August 2009

Connecticut Unemployment Trends in Heat Map form:
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That's neat.