Thursday, January 24, 2008

Where the WMDs Went: Told You So

According to a recent CBS News report, “Saddam Hussein initially didn't think the U.S. would invade Iraq to destroy weapons of mass destruction, so he kept the fact that he had none a secret to prevent an Iranian invasion he believed could happen. The Iraqi dictator revealed this thinking to George Piro, the FBI agent assigned to interrogate him after his capture.”

Not often do political commentators have a chance to say “I told you so.” But I told you so, way back in May 2007. And then again in September of 2007.

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George Vreeland Hill said...

Bush fell for all the lies, as did the people who protect our (U.S.) country.
The Republican Party still backs this WMD lie, and it is proof that our government had no clue about what Iraq was doing, so they all had to lie themselves.
The result was a complete mess.
This war must be on terror, and not in Iraq.
Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11.
Bush and "his people" are full of bs.
We should never vote for a Republican again.
I am,

George Vreeland Hill

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