Friday, January 04, 2008

The Dodd Debacle

Post Iowa, it’s all over for the losers but for the gnashing of teeth.

US Sen. Chris Dodd’s gnashing, as was to be expected, was eloquent, his concession speech prettily put together. The most aggressive anti-war presidential candidate in the running, Dodd received less than 1% of the Iowa caucus vote. He did better at DailyKos, the Huffington Post and, blog sites devoted to running the white flag up in Iraq and skedaddling. One of the polls at one of these anti-war cookie cutter sites rated Dodd in the high twenties.

Dodd probably will be remembered, if he is remembered at all, as the William Jennings Bryant of the anti-war movement.

The rest of the country will move on.


cttaxed said...

I take little glee in Dodd’s defeat.
Hopefully he’ll beat feet back to CT and start being our Senator again.

Interestingly Senator Lieberman whom the democrats so revile polled considerably better when he ran.

There is a message there, but I doubt they will get it.

Hopefully the Republicans will field a strong candidate for Dodd’s seat.
The seat could use it.

Ed said...

start being our Senator again

De jure perhaps, but not more!

cttaxed said...

I had to look "de jure" up.

Any ways, Dodd thanked us today for giving him the opportunity to run for President.

I don't remember him putting that question to the public.

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