Monday, January 07, 2008

Error Theory And The Nation

The notion that President George Bush should have committed more troops earlier on in the Iraq war to suppress jihadists runs up against something called “error theory.” All this is highly speculative, but worth thinking about.

Out Of The Mouths Of (Progressive) Children

The Nation, not a neo-conservative publication, is at least asking the right questions:

“But there are other crucial and less frequently mentioned topics to address: how will the next administration deal with a resurgent Russia, a rising China and a Latin America that has rejected the Washington/IMF neoliberal agenda, forging closer regional ties in its place? How will the United States handle rapidly growing world demand for oil and gas as reserves approach their peak? Is it a mistake to view the world primarily through the lens of Islamic extremism? How should the United States relate to Saudi Arabia and other autocratic Gulf states, and how should the United States address the Israel-Palestine conflict? How should we promote prosperity and stability in Africa? The foreign policy advisers in each Democratic campaign are still grappling with the answers.”

Pity the questions aren’t being asked of the candidates.

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