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No Romance Between Blumenthal and Clinton

Mark Davis of Channel 8 News, wise in the ways of provocation, created a momentary stir awhile back when he asked Sen. Hillary Clinton whether she had ever dated Connecticut’s Attorney General Dick Blumenthal while the two were students together at Yale.

The question hit the usually scripted Hillary between the eyes, and she seemed for a moment genuinely surprised. But she quickly recovered, flashed her signature toothy smile, and momentarily dodged the question, which she thought “very personal.” Then she said “No, we were friends. We’ve been friends for a long time, and I think he’s a great public servant, and he’s done such an amazing job for the people of Connecticut, and I look to relying upon him and having his advise going in to my campaign and into the White House.”

Asked the same question, Blumenthal said, “I never had the nerve to ask her, especially after Bill was involved.”


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