Thursday, December 13, 2012

Un-Person of the Year Nominations

Connecticut Commentary -- here: -- is now accepting nominations for "Un-Person of the Year."
Please submit the name of the un-person you will nominate and a brief, say, two line message explaining your nomination.
Nominations will be posted on Connecticut Commentary (It would be nice if I could post your name along with the nomination, but non-scatological anonymous  nominations will be considered.

I’m hoping the thing can be up to open the New Year, Jan 1.
It's OK if you open your humor sluice gates in your nominations. 


peter brush said...

It all depends on what the meaning of "un" is.
In terms of anonymous yet notorious personhood I'll go with the fellow who made the video that Mrs. Klinton and President Obama blamed for the Benghazi Massacre and Debacle and 9/11 anti-American "civil" unrest across the Islamic zone. In terms of sheer worthless, waste-of-oxygen, celebrity with vacuity, Joe Biden takes the cake.

Anonymous said...

1. The individuals of Westboro Baptist Church

2. Chris Matthews

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