Thursday, August 12, 2010

Romash Rage

Mark Davis, a respected newsman at News Channel 8, was made to eat his mic by Marla Romash, a Blumenthal gatekeeper up from the Sodom on the Potomac who used to practice journalism here in Connecticut.

Ms. Romash was both a political flack and a reporter of some merit back in the day.

She even had a robust sense of humor. Once asked whether she liked politics, Ms. Romash -- who ate, drank and slept politics -- brought the house down by saying she liked it better than sex.

Apparently, Washington has made Ms. Romash somewhat barren in the humor department. Or it may be that close association with Attorney General Richard Blumenthal has had an effect on the lady’s once ironclad but jovial nerves.

Dick -- the prospective U.S. senator has invited those who report on him to call him, more familiarly, Dick, instead of Richard, a formal mouthful -- does tend to emit deadly serious vibes. Mr. Blumenthal really does seem anxious to break away from his handlers and let it all hang out. But alas, professional flack deflectors such as Ms. Romash are paid handsome sums to beat down this tendency whenever it raises its rebellious head, even at the risk of chipping Mr. Davis’ teeth.


Henry Berry said...

Blumenthal will never "let it all hang out", not even if someone purrs "Dick" to him. He cannot afford to. He's spent years covering up a major scandal in the state's attorney's system which led to two of the highest-ranking officials (Chrisopher Morano and Jonathan Benedict) losing their positions and included state-sponsored witness intimidation of me doing first-person investigative journalism on the story beginning with an illegal wiretap on my phone for filing a criminal complaint against corporate attorneys. In the closing months of the campaign, I'm going to be trying to find out if Blumenthal has taken campaign money from the criminal corporate law firm.

Ralph said...

Good for Channel 8 for giving an unfiltered glimpse of how Blumenthal's staff is shielding him — or shielding the public.

Fuzzy Dunlop said...

Jesus, that's almost sad to watch. It's like the DNC has sucked whatever soul he had out and attached his body to some invisible puppeteer.

It was odd to watch his Pavlovian reaction to the shrill "THANK YOU, THANK YOU..." Like a well trained dog, he came to an abrupt stop and began to turn away from reporters. He seems almost... broken.

The largest threat to his candidacy seems to be that he now appears to be over managed. His presentation was stiff before; matters won't be helped by the hyper micromanagement. Moreover, in this day of political trackers, this style will prove a ticking time bomb... it's only a matter of time before one of his guards flips out and explodes in front of a plucky college kid stalking Dick for Linda.

Don Pesci said...


I think you're right, and hope to be able to say why in some future postings.

Don Pesci said...
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Don Pesci said...
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Don Pesci said...


Blumenthal’s lead, a robust 40% when he first entered the race, has now been whittled down to 7%. Not all of the loss can be attributed to his casual relationship with the truth, and part of the loss can be put down to McMahon’s millions. She sure knows how to advertise. Her fortune allows her to sidestep the usual power brokers, including the mainstream media, who stepped up on former Rep. Simmon’s behalf. They hate her in part because she is rich – MSM suffers from pecuniaphobia. Don’t bother to look it up. I coined it, from the Latin, “fear of money.” As its originator, I expect to be credited whenever it is used. This steams the MSM because they want a hand at determining events. Anyhow, why does it make sense to hide out in a coffin and refuse to confront her? Blumenthal is a perfect target for ad-battering – only if he absents himself from direct contact. Eventually – even given the support from MSM that he has earned during 20 years of truckling to it as attorney general – that 7% is going to whittle away to nothing, and people are bound to wonder: What’cha afeared of Dick? I’d sack all the advisors and hire you.

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