Monday, August 09, 2010

Citizens For Change Asks Candidates To Commit to Policies

A day before the primaries, Citizens For Change (CFC) has released the names of those candidates who thus far have “publicly committed to the people of Connecticut that they will address the numerous public policy challenges confronting our state and our nation,” according to the group’s press release.
CFC is inviting all candidates to sign its COMMITMENT FOR CONNECTICUT documents the group has made available on its website at

Richard Olivastro, a spokesman for CFC, said that 17 candidates have led the way for others by signing the documents. They are:

United States Senate: Peter Schiff

United States House of Representatives: Mark Greenberg, Dan Reale, Rob Merkle, Justin
Bernier, Scott DeShefy; LT Governor: Mark Boughton

CT Attorney General: Stephen Fournier

CT Treasurer: Jeff Wright

CT Secretary of the State: Jerry Farrell

CT State House: Kathryn Brown, Ken Nelson, John Searles, Malvi Lennon
CT State Senate: Neil Nichols, David Pia, Len Suzio.

Those visiting the site may also sign an online Declaration of Independence.

CFC will be sponsoring an upcoming CFC 'Caucus For Citizens' session. Those wishing to attend posted sessions may register online at the CT Public Policy Coalition site:, and Media professionals are invited to register for inclusion on CFC's Media Special Access List on the website.

Mr. Olivastro has provided contact information should there be any questions.

Contact: Richard Olivastro
800.742.4773 (O)
251-367-4556 (C)
860.677.4440 (H)

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