Wednesday, August 04, 2010

The 10 Percenter: McMahon to Blumenthal – Boo!

A Quinnipiac poll brings to Linda McMahon, the Republican Party nominee for the U.S. senate, some glad tidings.

Since her campaign opened, McMahon has reduced from 40 to10 percent a lead in the polls enjoyed by present Attorney General Richard Blumenthal. In the past month, she has reduced Blumenthal’s lead from 17 to 10 percent.

The message to Blumenthal ought to be plain – engage. He will not be able to coast into office on the strength of his perceived reputation as a crusading attorney general filing suits galore on behalf of consumers oppressed by greedy businessmen.

Blumenthal’s last and best hope, before McMahon begins to examine closely in ads his record as attorney general, Blumenthal’s strong suit, is to hope against hope that Rob Simmons, who has little resources to conduct an aggressive general election campaign, can pull his fat out of the fire by defeating McMahon in the August 10th Republican Party primary.

Blumenthal is joined in this hope by those in the state’s media who are favorably disposed to Blumenthal.


Ralph said...

Don, it is wonderful how we hardly hear from Blumenthal any more. But I fear you have joined the ranks of those who have difficulty with the primary date. It's August 10. (I have seen August 3, August 4, August 9...Maybe people are looking at the calendar for some other year...)

Don Pesci said...


Thanks. I made the change. I should have picked that up right away.

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