Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Best on Blumenthal

Possibly the best single piece of journalism written on Attorney General Richard Blumenthal – that has not been written BY Mr. Blumenthal – is this one turned out by Bill Cummings, an investigative reporter for the Connecticut Post.

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Richard E. said...

The "investigative reporter" although it was a fair piece . . . really just took a "lay-up" from you by using info all readily availble on yer blog. You could of been co-author :)

But did you notice how the Internet version(s) changed the title and convieniently left out The BULLYING line in the title. So the fairness lasted till the next edit

Hows this for SOME "investigative reporting" Blumenthal opportunity(s) . . .

1.) why doesn't someone report on the plants and creeps AG B has following around Linda McMahon w/ camera's and the sleazy disrupting tactics. Ask around Mr. Cummings

2.) Is he Kidding! Linda McMahon is outspending him. He has brutally outspent the opposition on every case he has brought forth (tripling the states budget). . . AND NOW that the "shoe is on the other foot" he whines like a little 2 year old about it . . . lets get a psychologist to Tony Soprano him while doing investigative reporter writing here :)

3.) Why does AGB take credit for taking on Special Interests- Electric Companies??? ( I dont know I thought they are Utilities) anyway . . . al lalong while CT still pays the 2nd highest electric bill in the country to Hawaii.

4.)Hows about cramming 20 years of one-sided interviews with Press Releases of the people AG B sued . . . or I personally would settle for just ONE article STARTING out from the other side's point of view WITHOUT or with Rebuttal.

5.)The other "favoritism" AND cases he has not pursued. Chris Dodd General RE AIG

6.)Why did Illinois get the lions share of the "pharmaceutical" case $$ . . . while CT got the lions share of the legal expenses

7.)The "sue first ask questions later" mentality got him drooling for quick PR . . . but Blumy forgot to check that he was suing his "own" client. How can you forego law 101

There is plenty of opportunities for an "investigative" reporter . . . to write novels here . . . even MSM reporters can throw in some short stories

Keep chipping away at his suit of chicken feathers Don . . . because the Press won't.

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