Thursday, August 19, 2010

Dodd Can't Get No Respect

"Daily Kos"  – a.k.a. Markos Moulitsas, the V.I. Lenin of the progressive movement in the United States, is hot on Elizabeth Warren, President Barack Obama’s prospective choice for the “soon to be born” Consumer Protection Financial Bureau, one of the many mansions in Dodd’s vast regulatory bill, now out of utero in the U.S. Congress.

The Consumer Protection Financial Bureau, as conceived by Dodd in his massive regulatory scheme, will resemble, when fully functioning, Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal on steroids. In the entire nation, no industry will be safe from federal molestation, no tear will go unnoticed or unwiped.

Once hot on Warren himself, according Mouletsas, Dodd’s ardor has now cooled:

“Senate Banking Committee Chairman Chris Dodd has for weeks called into doubt whether Elizabeth Warren can be confirmed to head the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. But for the first time this week, Dodd has called into question whether she's qualified for the job, reversing his earlier position…

“Dodd claims he'll support her if Obama nominates her, but it's clear he's leading the charge for Democrats who don't want to step out on a limb and publicly take her on. He'll be gone from the Senate in January, so he has nothing to lose by carrying water for corporatist, Wall Street-owned Dems. Or maybe his close proximity to Joe Lieberman is rubbing off.”

And, of course, on this site and other frantic progressive watering holes, any mention of the affable Lieberman opens the mandatory scatological sluice gates.

“Really,” Moulitsas fumes, “for a guy that could lay claim to a decent legacy in the Senate [the honorable Chris Dodd], he sure is going out as an asshole.”

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