Thursday, September 17, 2009

Obama Stiffs Poland and the Czech Republic

To please Russia's Vladimir Putin, President Barack Obama has decided to shelve anti-missle defenses in the Czech Republic and Poland on the 70th anniversary of Poland’s invasion by the Soviet Union:

"Fears of Moscow run especially deep in Poland, highlighted by a key anniversary Thursday. Exactly 70 years ago — on Sept. 17, 1939 — Poland was invaded by the Soviet Union at the start of World War II."


Joe Markley said...

If history is our guide, isn't it much more important that we defend the Poles (and, above all, the French) from the Germans?

History is great, but it doesn't mean Russia is going to invade Poland. On such topics, I'm with Pat Buchanan, not Bush Jr. I think we ought to be disengaging with the world (cause we're going to have to, as our money loses value). Defending the Czechs from the Russians--when in fact no one's threatening anyone--seems like a low priority.

Don Pesci said...

Time will tell whether you are right. Still, is it not absurd to pretend, as the Obama administration has, that the defense system was in place to prevent a missile attack from Iran?

No, it will not do to thumb your nose at the truth. The defense system was there to protect the Baltic States and Poland from post-Soviet Russian aggression.

In the new world that dances in the imagination of Obama, perhaps we no longer need such friends as Poland.

My reaction to this is perhaps colored by Nixon’s betrayal of Cardinal Mindszenty, who sought refuge in the American Embassy when Brezhnev wanted him deported to Rome. Nixon told him he would have to bow to his fate.

And Poland? It has been betrayed in history so many times that perhaps it has gotten used to it.

Myself… I come from a different time. I’m fully aware that my time has passed. It was, though, an age of heroes:

I miss it.

bath mateus said...
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