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Pravda, Speaking "Truth" To American Power

In Russian, pravda means "truth," hence the title of this piece.

Pravda Predicts USA Defeat in Afghanistan

“Former KGB Special Forces Colonel Oleg Balashov, who took part in the Soviet military campaign in Afghanistan, told RT he doubts more U.S. soldiers will increase the chances of victory. This comment comes as the U.S. troop numbers in Afghanistan have doubled over the last year while the U.S. Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Admiral Michael Mullen, admitted that even more are going to be needed to defeat the Taliban.

"’This war will be the same as it was in Vietnam and as the Soviet Union had in Afghanistan back in the 1980s,’ said Balashov. Afghanistan ‘won't let them succeed, you can't do this to the people in this country. The Afghan population has reacted to this war as expected.’"

Russia Concludes Arms Deal With Chavez

“Russia will give Venezuela a 2.2-billion-dollar loan to purchase Russian arms. It is not going to be the first defense deal between the two countries. Venezuela has spent about $4.5 billion on Russia's military hardware within the scope of 12 contracts that were officially signed during the recent several years. The Latin American nation particularly bought 24 Su-30 jets, tens of battle choppers and 100,000 Kalashnikov assault rifles.”

Pravda Reports Obama Shelving Missile Shield Plan

“Iran's long range missile program has not "progressed" as previously estimated? No kidding! How much did people get paid to make these "estimations"? Whatever it was, it was too much. They, as well all know, were talking out of the wrong orifice.

“Iran basically has missiles for defense. Iran has no nuclear weapons program. How many people could have told that to these idiots in charge for free?

“It was a stupid, expensive and ill-advised plan. So hopefully this is the end of any plans for infesting Europe with this US garbage. Better the US concentrate on previous promises they have broken such as not expanding NATO and maybe they should stop maintaining all these occupation bases all over the world.”


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