Friday, September 04, 2009

Courant Readers Nix Budget.... Nooooooooo!

According to a poll taken by the paper, more than 70% of Hartford Courant readers do not like the budget agreed upon by Gov. Jodi Rell and Democratic leaders in the legislature. Of those polled, 83.9% would rather be in Texas.

Today's Buzz
Are you happy with the new state budget?
• No. It doesn't shrink the size or cost of government. (506 responses)
• Yes. It preserves much-needed state services. (98 responses)
• No. It will drive wealth from the state. (80 responses)
• Yes. It keeps Connecticut competitive during the recession. (36 responses)
720 total responses
(Results not scientific)

The paper has not yet taken an internal poll on the question.

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