Saturday, September 19, 2009

Democrats And Connecticut's One Party State

Having shut the Republican leadership out of private budget negotiations with Gov. Rell, Democratic leaders are now using the same ploy as they negotiate with the governor concerning a series of bills necessary to implement the Rell-Williams-Dovovan budget.

Democratic leaders President Pro Tem of the Senate Don Williams and Speaker of the House Chris Dovovan, formerly a union steward, figure that their colleagues in the legislature need not be included in the negotiations because Republicans simply could not bring themselves to vote in favor of a massive $37.6 billion budget top-heavy with tax increases and short on true spending cuts.

It should surprise no one in the state that Democrats, certain of their majority power in the legislature, now have begun to adopt tactics more often deployed in Banana Republics such as Hugo Chavez’s Venezuela.

Democrats have been successful in bludgeoning Gov. Jodi Rell into accepting a progressive income tax, as well as a budget she had pledged to oppose, and hope to repeat the process in legislation enabling their budget. The governor has not pledged to avoid such negotiations until such time as Williams and Donovan become a tad more magnanimous and realize that Connecticut is still a republic, despite their efforts to turn it into a one party state.

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