Saturday, November 01, 2008

Dodd and the Justice Department Investigtion

According to NBC's investigative arm, the Justice Department is investigating the Dodd/Countrywide connection.


Greg said...

The NBC investigation will be just in time for Wednesday, November 5th.

On a related note, I see that the Courant busted the lid off Jessie-Stratton-correctional-visit-gate.

I wonder if they could apply some of the residual indignation and hyperbole to the Chris Dodd/Countrywide connection.

They've shown they have the means and the know-how. Just not the motivation.

Don Pesci said...

I wouldn't expect much from the Courant. In the age of Obama, all of us will be Chicagoans. The ethics hollering is just for Republicans. Look at their commentators, uniformly progressive; look at the makeup of their editorial department; look at… eh, never mind.

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