Friday, November 07, 2008

The Fishwrap

Rinker Buck of the Hartford Courant goes to church and finds the Rev. Jeremiah Wright tolerable. Wright was taken out of context.

His compatriot Rick Green finds Fairfield, full of yuppies and “smart growth” illuminati, going moderate. He suggests that Republican politicians in the state follow their lead, so they may be picked off by illuminati like Green and Colin McEnroe and Bill Curry and the entire editorial board of the Hartford Courant. Mr. Green, a recent import, hardly notices that there are no “moderate” Republicans left in New England’s US congressional delegation pews. Where have they all gone? They have been replaced by liberal Democrats. And why? Because asked to choose between a faux Democrat and the real thing, people generally will choose the real thing.

Fearing conservatives – and mislabeling moderate Republicans as conservatives -- is a tradition among Courant commentators, all of whom are unapologetic liberals. Charlie Morse, the chief political correspondent for the Courant during the golden years of the Lowell Weicker regime, was a liberal before he gave up his pen, dedicated to liming the virtues of Weicker, and went to work for the self proclaimed “turd in the Republican Party punchbowl.” Michele Jacklin, chief political correspondent for the Courant during the halcyon days of the Rowland regime, was a liberal who tossed her pen aside and went to work for Mayor of Stamford Dannel Malloy, who is neither a moderate Republican nor a conservative. Bill Curry, who now holds forth on the Courant’s op-ed page formerly was erstwhile Democrat candidate for governor and an advisor to former President Bill Clinton’s regime, the nearest he will even come to a moderate Republican.

In a snit, the paper’s editorial board in a previous election threw its considerable weight against every “moderate” Republican in Connecticut’s congressional delegation. Result: Only “moderate Republican” Chris Shays was left standing as the sole representative of “moderate Republicanism” in New England. The Obama-tsunami has now borne him off on waves of self pity.

Shays is now hopiung for a spot in the Obama administration.

Looking at all this havoc, Rick suggests that Republicans in Connecticut should abandon conservative ways and become more like – Chris Shays.

But of course!

Hey Rick, you wouldn’t be pluming for a job in the Obama administration, now would you? Get in line; remember, Curry was there first.

And Rinker has finally found religion with the Wright pastor.

Just beautiful.

Wait till Colin hears you been sippin’ that religion cool aid!

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