Wednesday, November 26, 2008

al-Zawahiri Disses Obama, Hood Strikes Back

Ayman al-Zawahiri is the second in command of al-Qaeda, a step behind Osama bin-Ladin, whose silence on the American election has led some to suppose that he is indisposed or dead.

Al- Zawahiri is very much alive. He is thought to be biding his time in the badlands of Pakistan until such time as it is once again safe to come out of his hidey-hole.

He has issued a communiqué on the American election and decidedly does not respect the wisdom of the American people in choosing to elect Sen. Barack Obama as president because, among other reasons, he does not compare favorably with Malcolm X.

Obama, said al- Zawahiri, is the direct opposite of “honorable black Americans” like Malcoln X, described in a CNN report as “the fiery African-American Muslim activist from the 1950s and 1960s.”

The sticking point for al-Zawahiri is “Obama's foreign policy positions on Afghanistan and Israel,” according to CNN.

“The posting, an 11 minute and 23 second audio message in Arabic with subtitles in English, appeared on the Web on Wednesday. Its authenticity cannot yet be confirmed.

“It shows a graphic with the words ‘The departure of Bush and the arrival of Obama.’ That graphic also contains a still image of Malcolm X on a Muslim prayer rug in a mosque; images of Obama, wearing a Jewish skullcap, at the Western Wall in Jerusalem; and a picture of al-Zawahiri.

“There are also archival videos in the message, including clips of speeches from Malcolm X.

"’You have reached the position of president, and a heavy legacy of failure and crimes awaits you. A failure in Iraq to which you have admitted and a failure in Afghanistan to which the commanders of your army have admitted,’ the message said.

“The speaker also said Obama's plan to pull troops from Iraq and send them to Afghanistan ‘is a policy which was destined for failure before it was born.’

"’If you still want to be stubborn about America's failure in Afghanistan, then remember the fate of Bush and Pervez Musharraf, and the fate of the Soviets and British before them,’ the message said. ‘And be aware that the dogs of Afghanistan have found the flesh of your soldiers to be delicious, so send thousands after thousands to them.’"

The hood strikes back.

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