Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Every Word A Lie

Mary McCarthy, known to have had an acid tongue, once said of Lillian Hellman that every word she wrote was a lie, including “the” and “and.”

The same might more justly be said of Cuban dictator Fidel Castro, now making his bow off the totalitarian stage – after 47 years and some months as Latin America’s most prominent pain in the butt. Venezuelan nut job Hugo Chavez, a Castro wannabe, was shown the door by his countrymen earlier in the month. The sulpherous Chavez wanted to insert in his country's constitution language that would make him dictator for life. US Sen. Chris Dodd’s mentor, US Sen. Robert Byrd drifted into congress only two days after Castro seized power in Cuba but, a notorious hanger-on, he may let outlast the felonious dictator; Byrd’s plumbing is thought to be in good order.

Said Castro: “My elemental duty is not to cling to positions, or even less to obstruct the path of younger people, but to share experiences and ideas whose modest worth comes from the exceptional era in which I lived.”

Castro's duty for a little less than half a century was to shove in prison anyone who had the temerity to oppose him. The reaction of the civilized world to this barbaric monomaniac says infinitely more about the condition of the Western World than it does about the dictator whose sorry carcass the devils are about to drag into Hell.

Castro’s false modesty ill befits the aging Stalinist. He was at the top of the junk pile for nearly half a century – not a bad run.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

FIDEL CASTRO is dead !!!!
The pictures are old and he is not the one who writes the comments in a newspaper. All is a L I E !!

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