Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Backing into the Porcupine

Interesting how the reporter here backed into a pretty interesting story. This line of questioning is not what one would expect to hear on National Public Radio, which is used to lobbing hardball questions at Republicans and softball questions at liberal Democrats.

NPR host Robert Siegel asks House Minority Leader John Boehner about his pledge earlier in the year that Republicans would work with Democrats in addressing issues important to the country:

"’What evidence of that has there been so far, since you've been leader?’

"’Well, unfortunately, Robert, there hasn't been any,’ Boehner confided, although he insisted the unfriendly atmosphere in Washington was not the GOP's fault. ‘I was hopeful that Speaker Pelosi wouldn't make some of the mistakes that the Republican majority made by overreaching and going it alone. But what we've seen all year is an effort to overreach, to only consider what the Democrat majority wants to do.’

“Siegel tried to clarify that Pelosi's behavior ‘reminds you of what Republican behavior was’ when they controlled Congress before the 2006 elections.

"’Well, some of it -- it sure does,’ Boehner said with a laugh.”

Siegel promised his audience that they would hear from Democrats on the same issue in the near future.

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Henry said...

NPR is in an interesting little phase right now.

Just prior to the elections it was the numbers of Americans killed in action in Iraq every ten minutes or so it seemed. Of course it stopped the day after the last election.

But lately they have been criticizing Hillary. My God what could they be thinking? The Clinton's have a famously long memory of slights and insults.

The complete failure of the Democratic controlled Congress to live up to ANY of their pre/post election boasts is not giving them much to talk about.

I almost can detect a slight move to be fairer???? NAH!