Sunday, December 09, 2007

The Colin Show

This is what happens when you mix Buddhism and Unitarianism:

“And then there are the lesser known entities. There is, for real, something called Fox Faith which makes religious movies. Last year they offered up "One Night With the King," which I assumed was a remake of "A Date with Elvis." Never mind. It's not. I'm currently pitching them on a project called "Scrubbed," in which a cranky, socially isolated talk show host (played by Bill O'Reilly in a break-out role) sees the face of the Virgin in a loofah sponge and rediscovers the meaning of Christmas… Murdoch is getting dangerously close to an idea I've been kicking around for years: the openly for-profit religion. What's holding a lot of megachurches back is their nonprofit status. They can't be traded on the NYSE; they can't charge fees for service or admission prices; they can't sell indulgences. They would probably save more souls and lighten more karmas if they were answerable to shareholders who put in some hard-earned cash and were now showing up at annual meetings demanding results… Eventually, Murdoch will figure this out and start Godfox. You pay a yearly fee of $199.99 and they deliver a variety of religious experience, including a powerful sense of the preservation of your immortal soul -- Colin McEnroe

The rest of this entertaining anti-Catholic column can be found here – and just in time for Christmas too.

For a somewhat different view on megachurches, see here.

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