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Towards Armageddon 2024

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It’s pretty well known in Connecticut’s conservative Republican circles that the state’s media, aping the national media, is squarely in President Joe Biden’s corner and would be delighted to see former President Donald Trump, their bête noir, squiggling on a hook in political Hell. That is pretty much the refrain of former State Senator Joe Markley, who left the General Assembly to run for Lieutenant Governor of Connecticut in 2018 but lost the general election to Democrat Susan Bysiewicz, and current State Senator Rob Samson, who continues to torment neo-progressive Democrats in the state’s General Assembly by supporting sound conservative principles.

Conservatives in Connecticut and the nation continue to be rattled by Trump’s political persona, bristly and somewhat solipsistic, but they support his policy prescriptions over those of Biden, who presided over a botched American withdrawal from Afghanistan, a southern border policy that has left border security in shambles, a spendthrift posture, apparently irreversible, that has contributed mightily to monetary inflation and the high costs of goods and services, and – the list here is incomplete for reasons of space – a stubborn refusal to step away from the presidency at a time when even important national Democrats are urging him to do so, in order to save his party from a humiliating defeat at the hands of Trump-the-Terrible, almost universally denounced within the Democrat Party as an affront to small “d” democracy. The Democrat Party has long considered itself to be the custodian of the nation’s democracy.

In the future, historians – assuming the Stakhanovite efforts of neo-progressives bent upon revisionist history are not successful – will be able to map the drift of the post-President John F. Kennedy Democrat Party from left of center, or liberal, to extreme left, where it is now deeply planted in a neo-progressive ditch, its wheels wildly spinning. Biden, historian Victor Davis Hanson tells us, is the most radical president since the Franklin Delano Roosevelt administration. For reasons undisclosed, Hanson’s luminous columns have not been picked up by Connecticut’s media, even though they have been made available to the sprawling Hearst Empire in Connecticut through its op-ed service.

This is usual practice among left of center editorial page editors in Connecticut. All right of center efforts to redirect the path of national dissolution are left to wither on editorial page vines, while left of center opinion is solicitously manured.

It is still very much a longshot, despite encouraging polls, but if Trump prevails over Biden in the 2024 election by a sizable margin, the neo-progressive advance in the northeast and elsewhere in the nation may be effectively checked, even in true-blue Connecticut. The prospect of a sizable electoral loss has national neo-progressives tightly clutching their pearls.

Following the disastrous nationally televised Biden-Trump debate, The New Republic, not a Trump cheerleader, reported, “’I don’t know who’s making decisions,’ said one House Democrat ‘Why the hell isn’t Biden on the phone with congressional leadership? ... Everybody now thinks he could cost us the majority.’”

In Connecticut, the all-Democrat members of the state’s U.S. Congressional Delegation – even its verbose U.S. Senators, Dick Blumenthal and Chris Murphy, imposed upon themselves a discreet and impenetrable silence.

Murphy, up for reelection in 2024, cautiously professed indifference to the debate, according to Politico, “Sen. Chris Murphy (D-Conn.) also waved off Biden’s poor debate performance and pivoted to Trump’s support for overhauling the federal government and its implications on abortion and LGBTQ rights.

“’I’m about substance, not style. After last night’s debate, I’m more panicked than ever at Trump’s agenda. So I made a short video explaining Trump’s detailed plan — Project 2025 — to destroy democracy, criminalize abortion, and target and harass gay and transgender people,’ he posted on X.”

The overhaul, one may be certain, will not include substantial reductions in federal or state spending.

New York’s U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer – like Blumenthal and Murphy, never straying far from the 2024 made-in-Washington D.C. script – also posted on X, “Tonight’s debate made the choice clear: Four more years of progress, or four more years of attacks on our fundamental rights and our democracy. We’ve got to get out the vote for @JoeBiden, @KamalaHarris, and a Democratic Senate and House!”

The pearl clutching on the part of neo-progressive Democrat office holders is perfectly understandable. If Trump wins in 2024, the Democrat Party will have much to answer for. If Trump loses, everyone may expect the critical Republican response to the most radical administration in our lifetime to be pushed beneath the waves like Melville’s Pequod. And no one will be left to tell the tale.

One would never guess it from reading Connecticut’s left of center media, but modern American conservatism, which owes much to Connecticut native Bill Buckley, stretches back further in time than neo-progressivism, a media res iteration of a stunted, revolutionary minded Marxian view of history and politics. The curse trembling on the lips of Connecticut’s anti-conservative pundits is a blessing in disguise. Buckley himself, a prodigious writer and polemicist, was not printed widely in Connecticut’s media, and the Obama-Biden interregnum may be the last gasp of a failed Marxist tainted neo-progressive fad.

There is no reason for despair. Chancellor of Germany Otto von Bismarck reminds us: “God has a special providence for fools, drunkards, and the United States of America.”


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