Monday, January 28, 2013

The Gun Hearing Crowd

Here are three pictures of the crowd waiting in the snow to enter the Legislative Office Building (LOB) either to testify or watch the hearings on gun control. The pictures were taken on the morning of the hearing at 10:30. The hearing was due to begin at 10:00.

The picture above shows the entrance to the LOB. The end of the line is marked by the yellow cone at the far right of the picture. Parking proved to be a problem. The LOB lot was full, and arrivals after 10:00 were told by police that there was no parking on site. I was told by a private parking lot attendant that the nearest public lot was down Capitol Avenue about 9 blocks. The nearby streets were all lined with parked cars.   

The picture above gives an idea of the length of the line. It stretches from the entrance to the parking lot building  seen at the far left and snakes back again to the entrance seen in the first picture above. People are standing five and six abreast.
I was so far back in the line that I had to give up hope of getting in. A gentle snow was falling as I left. A second amendment lawyer with whom I had a conversation while in line also threw in the sponge. He wanted to testify. Via I-Phone, he was in communication with another lawyer then inside the building who had drawn from a basket his testimony number -- well into the two-hundreds. He also left. Behind us, the line continued to grow.


Libertarian Advocate said...

Sounds promising. Let's hope our legislator's hear the pro-2A's passion & determination. There's nothing legislators prefer than returning to office in each election cycle.

peter brush said...

I think Mayor Segarra ought to promote more legislative attention to controversial issues. Public demonstrations and hearings by our solons appear to be great for local foot traffic. Willing to bet that the Dunkin Donuts on Cap Ave had at least an uptick in business.

I see the headlines, but haven't been following the details of the hearings. Not much interested in what the relatives of victims have to say either way. I'm still not clear on what gun was used at Newtown, and, assuming it was the semi-automatic "assault weapon," how it was that the mother had it in apparent contradiction of Ct. law. (She had it before 1994?) Nor have I heard of any proposal to ban assault weapons, perhaps because they already are banned. I have heard of folks who want to tax bullets and publicize addresses of gun licensees, and the triviality of, the stupidity of, these proposals also suggests that more aggressive legislation is already in place (and, obviously failed to prevent the massacre).

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