Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Throw The #!!**#!! Bums Out

In true blue Connecticut, the left of center media acts like a semi permeable membrane: Conservatives are filtered out at the beginning of post nominating convention campaigns, so that the general election contest between candidates will not be cluttered with inconvenient right of center messages and principles.

Conservative corpses are carried out the back door, in the dead of night, and quietly laid to rest. John Zakarian, the longest serving editorial page manager (1977– 2004, 27 years) at the Hartford Courant, Connecticut’s only state-wide newspaper, at one point boasted that conservative political writers would be hired by thepaper only over his dead body, and though Mr. Zakarien left the paper some time ago, the tradition gamely marches on.

Because conservatives are strangled in the nursery bed – though lately a few weeds have cropped up – Republican candidates who survive to a general election fall to the center or slightly left of center on the political spectrum.

Such is the case with Linda McMahon, running for the U.S. Senate on the Republican ticket, and Daniel Roraback, a “fiscal conservative” of long standing running on the Republican ticket in the 5th District.

In current political lingo, Republicans who identify themselves as “fiscal conservatives” anywhere in New England convey by the signage an unambiguous message: They are NOT social conservatives. This designation opens them to a pitiless examination by Democratic progressives and anti-conservatives manning the big guns at virtually all the state’s editorial page machine gun nests.

So, you’re a “fiscal conservative” are’ya?  Well, good for you. Let’s see just how socially progressive you are. And then the abortion bugaboo and, more recently, the “war on women” spooks rush out of the closet. Do you love women enough to vote for a bill banning the murder of babies born after botched abortions? Well, do you? Candidate for President Barack Obama did – numerous times. The entire Democratic Congressional delegation fairly worships at the altar of abortion, the center-piece of their charge that Republicans are conducting “a war on women.” 

To cut the matter short, both Mrs. McMahon and Mr. Roraback have passed the usual left of center interrogation with flying colors -- in Connecticut.  Mr. Roraback has during his 18 year career in the General Assembly done little to alienate the affections of such extreme pro-abortion organizations as The National Abortion Rights Action League (NARAL), Emily’s List, Planned Parenthood and most of the editorial boards of most Connecticut newspapers. In Connecticut, where virtually every Democratic office holder wrinkles his nose at bills requiring teen age girls to obtain their parent’s permission before they succumb to the allure of abortion, Mr. Roraback is as socially progressive a Republican “moderate” as it gets. Mrs. McMahon lately has signaled that she is uncomfortable with the notion, promulgated by Democrats on the make, that women are little more than ovary containers. And she has been tagged by the usual suspects as a generalissimo in the war on women. Her demurral is not fatal – in Connecticut.

But elsewhere, the war on the GOP is on in earnest; so much so that Mr. Roraback, a moderate Republican, now has demanded that television stations remove a recent Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) ad that, scurrilously in his opinion, connects him with the Tea Party movement and Republican nominee for Vice President Paul Ryan’s plan to shove senior citizens off a cliff and enrich millionaires.

Both Mrs. McMahon and Mr. Roraback have sworn on a stack of bibles that, once arrived in Washington, they will energetically oppose their national party when urged to do so by social progressives who this year favor abortion on demand, an end to the federal death penalty, a retreat of Catholics from the wide world into a curative monastic silence, free condoms for all and a Planned Parenthood abortion factory in every major city in Connecticut.

Vote day, V-Day, is in November. And on that great getting up morning, besieged voters in Connecticut -- tormented all these months by ads and editorials and political spokespersons who speak with forked tongues and penological geniuses who have let loose violent criminals into peaceful Connecticut towns under their ill-advised early release program and professional  legislative technocrats  who have not yet been caught by the FBI committing corrupt acts and politicians for life addicted to tax increases and improvident spending -- will have an opportunity to throw all the bums out. The ax should fall cleanly and, at the conclusion of the business, let the executioner return to the bosom of his or her family satisfied that the public duty has been discharged.


Anonymous said...

Unaffiliated Candidate John Pistone for U.S.Congress.
Connecticut 5th District.
People over Politics.

CT Guy said...

If only .... The Hartford Pravda rarely prints letters that don't follow the Progressive,Socialist,Democratic party line and they edit the few they do . When Joe Lieberman was running for Vice President AND a US Senate seat "because it wasn't illegal in Connecticut",just wrong, I had a letter published in the Courant with one edit,my last line. "Re-election to the US Senate from Connecticut should not be the consolation prize for a failed Vice Presidential bid " .

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