Friday, September 14, 2012

Murphy Wrong Sex?

Kathy McShane, who leads a coalition called “Women for Linda [McMahon],” has taken umbrage at U.S. Representative Chris Murphy, an aspirant for the U.S. Senate, for having called Mrs. McMahon “anti-woman.”

She begins her critique of Mr. Murphy by noting an obvious distinction between Mr. Murphy and Mrs. McMahon:

“I had a feeling Congressman Murphy would look for ways to attack Linda McMahon, but I never imagined he would call her, of all things, ‘anti-woman.’ Has he noticed – Linda is a woman?”

Murphy is a man and, as such “never undergone a pap smear, a mammogram, or childbirth. Linda has,” McShane said.

More importantly, Ms. McShane notes that the Democrat’s “War on Women” offensive against all Republicans, whatever their gender, is really an attempt to imprison women in a narrow categorical cage:

“As a woman, mother, and business owner myself, I am offended that Congressman Murphy would assume abortion is the issue I care about most. As a woman, mother and business owner, I care about our economy – jobs, the deficit, the shrinking middle class, and the increasing demands on my family’s income. To me, the focus on so-called ‘women’s issues’ implies that my reproductive organs render me incapable of caring about other issues so critical to our country.”

Pity that women who have shattered the glass ceiling now find themselves portrayed in Democratic campaign literature as manikins with ovaries, especially at a time when virtually every poll shows that a majority of women are offended by the grosser aspects of pro-abortion extremists – partial birth abortion, sex selection abortion and infanticide.


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