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McMahon the Pugilist

Republican Party nominee for the U.S. Senate Linda McMahon, who has money enough and time to spare before voters go to the polls on November 6, continues to jab at Democratic nominee for the U.S. Senate Chris Murphy in a series of media releases that would bring a blush of envy to the cheek of present U.S. Senator and former Attorney General Richard Blumenthal, known for his Gatling Gun media releases.

Mrs. McMahon’s latest is below:
Murphy Refuses to Come Clean With Connecticut Voters About His Special Home Loan Deal
Apparently under “Murphy’s Law,” honesty and integrity are just
“shameless political ploys”
NORTH HAVEN, CT – Congressman Chris Murphy likes to play by his own set of rules. Now, as his house of cards begins to fall in on him, he is making a desperate attempt to deceive Connecticut voters one more time.
Recent news reports have outlined the special deal that Congressman Murphy got on a home loan shortly after he became a Member of Congress. Just a year after being sued for foreclosure, Murphy received a below-prime home equity line of credit in July 2008 from “strong campaign supporter” Jim Smith, CEO of Webster Bank – at the same time Webster Bank began making campaign donations to Congressman Murphy’s 2008 re-election campaign.
Four months later in November 2008, Webster Bank received a $400 million bailout that Congressman Murphy voted for, and the entire time, Chris Murphy sat on the Financial Services Committee, which oversees the banking industry.
Congressman Murphy refuses to answer questions about the special deal, calling them a “shameless political ploy.” Under “Murphy’s Law,” Chris Murphy doesn’t have to answer questions about his ethical shortcomings.
“Lashing out and name-calling may work under ‘Murphy’s Law,’ but those tactics don’t go over well in the real world,” McMahon campaign manager Corry Bliss said. “It’s in Congressman Murphy’s best interest to be fully transparent so Connecticut voters can be assured that he is being honest with them. I’m just trying to do him a favor.”
The one time Congressman Murphy was questioned about his "special" mortgage deal his answers only revealed more questions. Anyone who watches this video of him doing so can see that is the case.
It’s time to repeal “Murphy’s Law.” Congressman Murphy owes Connecticut voters answers to the following question?
1) Why did you choose to represent yourself in your foreclosure proceedings?
2.    What was your credit score when you applied for the home equity line of credit that you received from Webster Bank in July 2008?
3.    Did you notify the House Ethics Committee about the possible conflict of interest you representing yourself presented?
4.    What role(s) has Jim Smith played in your campaign(s), official or unofficial?
5. Why do you think it is a “shameless political ploy” to ask that you be transparent with your constituents and Connecticut voters about your personal financial issues that occurred while you were a state legislator and a Member of Congress?
6.    What other special deals have you received because you were a Member of Congress?


Maybe the Republicans should stop running from the past. Wasn't the past a better time? Cohesive families, a united country, very little divorce, women raising their children, etc etc. Or maybe we conservatives are wrong to want to conserve or preserve the past.

Nick Fortunato
Greenwich, CT

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