Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Obama and the Ladies

Referring to President Barack Obama this political season, Peggy Noonan writes somewhere – I haven’t the patience or inclination to look up the quote – that the fizz has gone out of the bottle. We loved Obama when he was a mystery and voted for him in great numbers. Now that he is a known quiddity, now that there is some writing on the blank page, our affections have wandered. Is it not odd that shortly after Democratic minders launched their war on “the Republican war on women,” polls showed a drop off of support on the part of women for Obama? One might assign any number of reasons for this: Women have had their first date with Obama and found his performance wanting; a woman's prerogative is a normal part of the arsenal of womanhood, by which means women retain their power and mystery over poor stupid men; women long ago have crashed through the so called glass ceiling and resent the Democratic view of them as manikins with ovaries… For whatever reason, woman seem to have ditched Obama – likely not because they had been fetched by the allure of Mitt Romney. The answer to Freud’s age old question – What do women really want? – may be: Not Obama.
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