Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Deconstructing the Deconstructionists

The American Thinker” deconstructs New York Times columnist Matt Bai, who looks back with fond nostalgia on the Weicker years in Connecticut and admires Attorney General Richard Blumenthal’s prosecutorial pluck, Christine O’Donnell assassins, Linda McMahon assassins, the elite media world, mainstream anger, Harvard University, Yale Law School, privileged politicians, Richard Blumenthal, assorted liars, squared jawed columnists who get heir kicks by deriding women, God, Darwin, and much more. A fun read.


Anonymous said...
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Priscilla said...

I just finished reading Matt Bai's article from the 9/26/2010 Sunday NY Times " The Great Connecticut Country-Club
Crackup". Matt writes on page 67 "Blumenthal has faithfully done the people's business all these years,in a way that has apparently gratified them. Matt does not know the Blumenthal that the people know who he and his army of assistant attorney generals have unmercifully attacked. The real Richard Blumenthal has not been introduced to the citizens of Connecticut only the Mr.Blumenthal that the media and his office sought to portray. Merely look to the more than 36,000 lawsuits that his office has undertaken. Or perhaps speak to the Hoffmans' as reported many times in your column and their plight, or the owners of New England Pelletri. Its important for the citizens to understand the role that should be expected of the Attorney General and not be misled by the one the media has presented to us for the last twenty years.

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