Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Blumenthal And "Stolen Valor"

Following a story in the Hartford Courant by Daniela Altimari, The Australian Broadcasting System (ABC) has released “Stolen Valor,” a film in which Attorney General Richard Blumenthal figures prominently. Connecticut’s prospective U.S. senator is now an international celebrity. Apparently, people in the United States are incapable of making documentaries of this kind.

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Richard E. said...

MY MY MY I thought all press was good press . . . Funny now . . . How Blumenthal is shying away from every camera, reporter, person w/ a question? I thought he was running for a "public" service office? . . . as it has been for 20 years . . . it is always only the one sided biased to Blumenthal . . . side that he represents and comes out for . . . fair weather in CT . . but not in Washington soon