Saturday, July 24, 2010

Tis A Far, Far Bitter Thing…

The Madame Defarges of Connecticut’s left, while knitting and encoding names in their handiwork, just may be sharpening the guillotine for their brother in arms Colin McEnroe, raconteur, columnist, blogger and radio personality.

In any case, they will not be amused by his latest offering: “Ned and John – a ‘Bromance.”

McEnroe’s blog reflections features a picture supplied by Paul Bass of the New Haven Independent showing New Haven Mayor John DeStefano casting a Mona Lisa smile at lefty heartthrob Ned Lamont, followed by McEnroe’s speculation concerning DeStefano’s support for Lamont, who is locked in a primary for governor with former Stamford Mayor Dan Malloy:

“What exactly is behind all this is not all that clear. But fun to speculate about. (Before I get savaged in My Left Nutmeg, let me add that I'm not suggesting any of this is sinister or better or worse than anything else that could happen. Just interesting.)

“One theory is that DeStefano is motivated mainly by residual antipathy toward Malloy from 2006. More than I (having completely forgotten about it) would have guessed, the 2006 Malloy ad that showed DeStefano in a dress is still a piquant subject.”
Malloy and DeStefano ran against each other for governor in a primary at a time when present Governor Jodi Rell’s favorables were floating airily in the stratosphere. Malloy dished DeStefano in a primary and went on to lose to Rell in the general election, creating what the French call “frisson” between the two.

The French also invented the guillotine, the sans-culottes and modern leftism.

A word to the wise, Colin – run!


Fuzzy Dunlop said...

The New Haven political machine will likely have a big impact putting Ned over the top. But if it's a Foley/Lamont race in the general election, as seems to be shaping up, this will be one of the most painful election cycles old Fuzzy has ever experienced. The ineptitude of both candidates is stunning is so bad it's not even entertaining.

The only consolation prize will be the near certainty in my mind that Destefano is preparing for U.S. SEN 2012. If Joe stays in, that race will be an enjoyably bloody brawl of a three-way race.

Don Pesci said...

I wouldn't count out Malloy yet. He's got citizen campaign contribution milk.

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