Thursday, July 15, 2010

Powell Nixes Lamont

Chris Powell, Managing Editor of the Journal Inquirer and the paper’s columnist, stirs the embers of Ned Lamont’s gubernator campaign and finds them luke-warm. No bonfire here:

“Lamont declares that he wants to "show taxpayers that we'll fundamentally reform government," and he identifies three huge areas of state spending that are ripe for review -- medical care, payroll, and retirement benefits. But anybody can try to get more Medicaid money out of the federal government; promising to prune "top-heavy management" is just pandering to the state employee unions and won't save much money because so few state employees are managers, nearly all being unionized; and Lamont offers no ideas for curbing state government's pension obligations.”

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Bob Swick said...

God save Connecticut if this man gets elected as Governor.