Friday, July 09, 2010

Dubitsky Slams Courtney On Fake Budget Bill

Doug Dubitsky, running as a Republican in the 2nd Congressional District against Rep. Joe Courtney, views the budget enforcement resolution passed by a veto proof Democratic congress a license to continue spending with virtually no limits.

The extraordinary measure sets discretionary spending at $1.12 trillion, lacks future spending a revenue projections and – big surprise! – does not include spending limits.

“This resolution,” Dubitsky said, “is not a budget at all. It sets no priorities. It fails to outline spending in the next fiscal year or beyond. It is nothing but a complete abrogation of Congress’ budgetary obligations. Joe Courtney and the Congressional Democrats are playing fast and loose with the nation’s economic and fiscal health.”

Republicans unanimously voted against the measure, 38 Democrats crossing over to vote with Republicans, Courtney not among them. The 2nd District incumbent voted with his party to pass the measure, 215-210.

“At a time when Americans are increasingly being forced to pinch pennies under strict budgets,” Dubitsky said, “Congress is failing in its most fundamental obligation -- passing a spending plan for the country. Democrats are trying to fool the people by passing this fictitious budget.”

The “budget enforcement measure,” was smuggled within a war supplemental bill in an effort to acquire votes that would not have been possible in a stand alone bill. The measure passed last week covers only a single year and ignores spending and revenue requirements. The congressional budget ordinarily establishes a fiscal blueprint, complete with expected spending and revenue needs, for five fiscal years.

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Anonymous said...

Pelosi knew this would pass and let murphy and himes vote no as they are facing tough re-election while the dems figure courtney along with larson and delauro are not.

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